You have seen many live performances

but have you experienced music made out of recycled materials?

From dispenser tanks to plastic bottles,
we transform everyday items into green drums to perform a repertoire of unique beats.

We revolutionize your drumming experience and the arts scene in Singapore.
Be ready to immerse your senses.
Become part of our beautiful mission in driving sustainability.

Duration: Min 5 mins

Live Event Performance

Engaging the audience is what we do best. We deliver an energetic rhythmic performance that can get the crowd hyped up in different group setting. We have performed for Singapore Countdown Party, President Star Charity and Singapore EXPO etc. Add a sustainable beat to your event today.

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Customizable Experience

Every event deserves to be special. From original music composition, performance choreography to event branding, we can tailor a dream experience that is uniquely yours. Plus, you become part of a beautiful mission in driving sustainability.

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