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Where Creativity meets Sustainability

Started as the first recycled drumming group in 2019, Green Drumming by BEAT’ABOX has evolved into Singapore's leading creative service provider specialising in performances, workshops, installations and special collaborative projects.

We make rhythm out of everyday items.
We turn waste into drums, junk into art.
We ignite limitless creative ideas through music, arts and sustainability.

“Green Drumming is not about music,
it is a message on creativity and innovation.” 

If waste can be turned into something beautiful, imagine the endless possibilities you can make out of life.

We started as drummers, but we are so much more. We are a team of performers, artists, educators, creators, and ever-changing innovators.

We perform to spark new ideas. We teach to impart new thinking. We innovate to nurture creative minds.

We collaborate in ways that are beyond your imagination. We inspire every individual like YOU to be creative, to lead change.


Be at the forefront of creative education and innovation


Inspire creativity in every individual and community

Our Pillars


We make green drums, sustainable installations, music videos and short films.


We run workshops, co-curricular and teambuilding programmes.


We engage communities in ground-up initiatives, with private and government organisations.

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